My Answer To The Haters

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I periodically get hateful comments made about me along the lines of: Do you really exercise?  You are still so fat.

Yes I used the “F” word.

I debated changing that to a euphemism, but I wanted to convey the exact abuse intended by the speaker(s).  These comments are made behind the anonymity of a social media profile, because they are so abusive that most people wouldn’t say them to anyone’s face.  I am sharing this because it is one of the core things that fuel my passion for STRIVE with Janelle.

While I agree that body weight does influence health, I think there is so much more to the conversation.  We have all heard the same information: body weight is determined by many factors that vary from individual to individual.  Yes genetics play a role, but in my journey I have discovered it can be affected by hormone balances, food allergies and even your body’s amazing ability to adapt and economize under the stress that intense exercise puts on it.  

But I absolutely disagree with these common misconceptions:

  • If you work out hard enough you will magically be thin
  • You should get thin then work out to get your body in shape

When I personally started to see beyond the aforementioned ideas, I began to see the simple act of “getting moving” for what it was.  This is the biggest empowerment tool in anyone’s wellness journey.  I believe this simple act of self-care not only gives you an infinitely better quality of life, it empowers you to take on additional parts of the wellness equation with more motivation and confidence.

So guess what? Yes I am still plus-size and maybe I will or won’t be for the rest of my life.  My journey is mine, like yours is yours.  It doesn’t mean I should not be moving, shouldn’t be striving to be better, and it certainly doesn’t mean I should stop sharing my passion for helping others like me find the joy in getting active for the sake of getting active.

What are some misconceptions that have hindered you from getting active? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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