An Accountability Partner You Can Count On

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I have an ongoing war to hold myself accountable and keep my body moving. When time and finances permit, I schedule with a trainer so I don’t have to think about accountability, but that can often be inconvenient and impractical. 

Find an accountability partner.

I have discussed using an accountability partner. When you set a time to exercise with someone, you are more encouraged to keep that commitment.  For example, I may try the upper body workout for 30 minutes. Make plans to join the effort – right from your home! 

Making it work as a STRIVE community.

Be my accountability partner! Vice versa – let’s be each other’s accountability partners. It’s a joint effort!

While visiting one of the largest women’s fairs in Arizona, there were many interested in joining our team.  I’m looking forward to sharing our mission and the features our community offers – as members please reach out to our newbies and provide STRIVE tips that have helped you stay accountable!

How do you stay accountable? Please share in the comments below!

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