Why Me? Why Now?

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Hi, this is Janelle Brown and I want to welcome you to my new website. You probably know me from the TLC show “Sister Wives,” but I have been earnestly working on a very special venture which I have named STRIVE with Janelle

This project is near and dear to my heart as it is something I have been thinking about for several years. You see, I wanted a healthy lifestyle resource that I would personally use, but would also be useful to those of you who want to make a change; those of you who face challenges, or feel overwhelmed about where and how to start. Those of you who need someone to cheer them on while also providing valuable tools and information. I hope in the end I help #MakeTheMostOfYou

Why Me? Why Now?

Not too long ago, I reached an all-time low in my physical health.  While my life was going great - my kids were flourishing, and I was busy with work - I was in my largest clothing size ever.  I couldn't event walk up the stairs without being winded, and getting off the couch was a real effort.  I had to use my hands to push me up and into a standing position.  I was weak and I was tired.  I felt defeated on all levels and battled to find the time and energy to get myself to the gym, or even outside for a walk.  Struggled to motivate myself to cook meals at home, defaulting to unhealthy eating because I was so exhausted.  I knew then I had to make a change, but it just seemed like I was too far gone.

I finally made up my mind to do something different. I moved.

As I got active I realized something very important: I had taken the first crucial step. Before, I didn’t understand how someone like me, who didn’t know the first thing about gym equipment or even feel comfortable walking into a gym, could begin a fitness journey. But here I was getting stronger every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely ups and downs. But more importantly, I was participating in my life again. I was getting my confidence back and attaining personal milestones I set for myself.

As I continued to navigate this amazing machine that is my body, I realized my real and true purpose.

It is giving and receiving hope, and inspiring others to live their best life. This is why I started STRIVE with Janelle.

On this journey I will provide a real, practical approach to do just that; motivate and support each other as we discover the tools to lasting and positive change. I am you, you are me and we are in this beautiful life together.

What do you say? Let’s get moving!


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