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Janelle has talked a lot about movement so far; taking small steps that eventually turn into bigger steps. It sounds so simple, but sometimes getting to even those little steps can be life’s biggest challenges.


One word: Barriers.

Too often we are faced with these stumbling blocks to movement, progress and change. And they come in many shapes and sizes: physical, mental, spiritual and even intellectual. We’ll talk more in depth about these barriers in future posts, but first we need to address what may be the biggest barrier of them all: lack of motivation.

Motivation is complicated because it messes with our beliefs, eagerness, and even our energy to do something, anything. It’s tricky because motivation is about more than getting up early to hit the gym, or choosing a salad over fries. Motivation starts with a decision to tell the truth; the honest and flawless truth when you stop and ask yourself, why?

At STRIVE with Janelle, we believe that before you can make a change you first have to discover your why. If you don’t know why you want to lose weight, or eat better, or move more, then you can’t truly gain the motivation you need to accomplish your goals. Sure, we all want to look better and live longer, but if that desire automatically came with motivation there wouldn’t be a need for this post.

So how do we overcome this? Unfortunately, there’s not a magical motivation app (how cool would that be?), but you can start by asking, what is my why? Then dig a little deeper and ask why again.

Like this:
You: What is my why?
You: I want to be healthier.
You: Why?
You: I want to play soccer with my kids.
You: Why?
You: They love it and I want to be part of that experience.
You: Why?

You get the idea. Ask this question enough and you will soon uncover your true motivation for turning those small steps into giant bounds. And guess what? Everyone at STRIVE with Janelle (especially Janelle herself) is here to help you find and keep that motivation to move forward. That’s why it was created, after all.

So here’s the million-dollar question. What is your why? Feel free to share with your STRIVE community in the comments below!

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  • Why? I want to lose weight to be healthier
    Why? I’m tired of buying medicine
    Why? It’s to expensive!
    Why? I want to be around for my grandkids

    Susan on

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