Whatcha Thinking?

One morning a couple of weeks ago I was driving to my early morning workout session.  It is a bit of a drive for these one-on-one personal training appointments, so I was feeling resentful and burdened.  It was such a chore to get up so early and get my butt out of bed…yada yada yada. 

Then, as I sat at the 4-way stop down the street, I realized what I was thinking.  Wait, I am the one who chose to make this appointment.  I am the one who chose to schedule an early morning appointment at this particular gym. 

So, if anyone is to blame for how I am feeling right now, it’s me. 

No one forced me to make these decisions.  I alone am responsible for the situation I am in this morning.  But wait, was it a situation?  Was it a chore?  Slowly I realized that I had once again stumbled upon a mental trap I am very susceptible to falling into.  Maybe you are too.

I often find myself feeling put-upon when I am doing something that shakes me out of my comfort zone. I know that what I’m undertaking is a good thing to do, and, obviously, it’s something that I WANT to do.  However, when I am not tuned in to the inspired part of my psyche that wants to keep propelling me forward, and I am just coasting, I find I feel a touch of resentment towards those same actions.  Odd, isn’t it?  Experts would say that those feelings were the natural response of your ego.  The job of the ego, if you remove all the negative connotations that having a big ego has in our culture, is to keep you safe. 

Some would say that the ego keeps you small, it keeps you from achieving greater things, and it helps us to survive. 

Do you want to simply survive or do you want more?

It seems to follow, that we need to watch for those little lies our minds will tell us when we are trying to be more than what we currently are.  Really tune in to what we are thinking in any given situation that we find ourselves resisting positive changes.  Recognize the thoughts, analyze them to see if they are warnings to be heeded, or just see them as the ego trying to keep you in your safe zone. The zone that is the status quo, that is familiar and comfortable.  For me, I plan on challenging those early morning yada, yada, yadas, facing my fears, and moving beyond the mental trap. It’s the only way forward.

Can you identify thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back?





  • I am so over the moon proud of you!!!! I was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and found out 5 years ago…that I have 42 food allergies! I struggled for years with weight loss and emotional weight gain. YOU are what you Eat. I tell people who ask, YOU EAT OUT OF A BOX….YOU WILL BE IN THAT BOX IN THE GROUND EARLY. I love what you are doing for you, and your amazing family.
    With love, Sharon…hobby farmer in Indiana.😊

    Sharon Kikendall
  • The two shirts I got are amazing! I love to wear them…….comfortable and are now my go to shirts…………..

    Bonnie Nelson
  • I’ve had a similar revelation recently when I was moaning that I eat too much chocolate every day while the kids have a nap, someone asked ‘why do you have it in?’ And I went on to explain, I don’t keep it in or I’ll eat it but every day go out and got it. It hit me then how ridiculous I’d become buying something that was ultimately making me unhappy and tired and did not need. I’m three days in to not eating it and feel happier already. Keep up the good work Janelle. I love the programme and look forward to seeing more.

    Phillipa N
  • Thanks Janelle! It’s good to affirm those feelings & know that we all need to get that push to get where we want to go. You are an inspiration and a partner to those of us who share your journey. Thanks for blogging. I don’t feel alone in my path to wellness.

  • Hi Janelle.
    I have been looking if you have a contact site and since I saw this vehicle, I am using it. I am a fan of the show and you in particular, and for other reasons in addition to your amazing journey. Is there a site you accept email? Thanks for considering. Look at you!

    Stephanie Chapralis

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