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Community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. The STRIVE team and I often talk about what this means for the STRIVE members community as we recognize our wellness journeys.

Why is community so important to me?

In our own way, the Brown family is a community – each of us playing a role for the betterment of our family.  This has helped me fully understand and appreciate the need for community. It has also helped me recognize the many forms of community.  Yes, my family is one, but so are my friends, and, of course all of the members of STRIVE with Janelle.

My family is one community, but so are my friends, and, of course all of the members of STRIVE with Janelle

Each of these distinct communities plays a different role in my life. For instance, the STRIVE community is made up of strong individuals who sometimes have weak moments, but we always pick each other up while remembering the importance and meaning of our journeys.

Regardless of the community dynamic, I feel they all share common characteristics:

  • Strength: Defining our why
  • Tenacity: Digging deep but reaching back to our community for support
  • Resilience: Picking ourselves up and continuing to fight for our goals
  • Integrity: Knowing who we are, standing by our intentions, and pushing our principles forward in an uncompromising manner
  • Vision: Seeing ourselves succeed
  • Endurance: Being in it for the long haul

Yes, my characteristics spell out STRIVE, and that’s no coincidence. I built STRIVE with Janelle with community in mind. I would never have had the courage to follow this passion without my various communities and they will never stop being the center of my world.

What are your thoughts on community?  What ideas do you have to grow our STRIVE community – please share!

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