Visualizing is Believing

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My friends always say, “Janelle, you look at the world through rose-colored glasses.” Guilty as charged. I tend to look at the best in people, even before I look for the best in myself. I suspect a lot of Moms out there do the same thing. As we manage kids, families and careers, our own “personal best” can become second, third or even fourth in the long list of priorities that make up our lives. When was the last time you actually did something just for you? I’ll bet it’s been a while.

My vision for STRIVE with Janelle is to love and support each other the same way we care for all of those around us.

That’s why I put on those rose-colored glasses and decided that my vision for STRIVE with Janelle was to love and support ourselves the same way we care for all of those around us. I decided that I needed to give myself the same careful consideration when it came to my personal health and well-being that I gave to my own family. I needed to find ways to eat healthier in my limited-time schedule; make better choices and begin a program of personal health and wellness.

But I wanted a program and information tailored to someone like myself; someone that had never really made health and fitness a big priority. I had to visualize it into existence.

Sounds kind of silly right? I thought so at first, too. People used to tell me “Just visualize what you want to achieve and it will happen.” I thought it sounded like some type of Jedi mind trick, but you know what? They were right. Vision is seeing yourself succeed.

So I did it. I started imagining a place people like me could find the inspiration and tools they needed to get their life back. And here we are!

This is new territory for me. But it’s okay, because there are people out there that have made it their life’s work to help people just like us. There are personal trainers, dieticians, professional homemakers, life coaches, therapists, spiritual counselors; literally anything you can think of to help us on this journey. I’m going to bring their special brand of expertise to STRIVE with Janelle.

As for my next steps, I’m visualizing doing Reiki. Practitioners use it to channel positive energy through your body using touch to restore emotional and physical well-being.

Has anyone had personal experience with Reiki? Comment below!

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