The "f*#k-its" !!

Posted by Janelle Brown on

There are days I feel like I fight a mighty fight.  I have a friend and mentor here in town who describes the feelings and emotions I’m fighting on these days as the “F*#K its!” 

Yes, there, I even typed out a euphemism. 

And I while I think that is a very harsh and vulgar word, there is no better way to describe this place I can get into some days with my fight to eat clean and keep pursuing my wellness goals.

I am sure you know the feeling.  You are tired, maybe you are hormonal, maybe it’s your mid-afternoon energy slump time, maybe you are having a very bad day or maybe it’s your third day of sugar detox and you would kill to have any taste of sweet in your mouth…. you get the picture.

"But the “F*#K its!” are when all your food addictions and bad habits speak to you the loudest."

They whisper seductively and tell you that you are powerful, you can do whatever, eat whatever and your body will miraculously be able to accommodate junk going in and sitting still all day long and still be healthy.  But in no known universe is this ever the case.

I have come to accept that this feeling is a universal feeling in one aspect of life if not another.  It is something that we all must guard against. 

While I have not learned of any secret weapon to fight against these feelings, maybe awareness is the first step.  When I have those feelings and thoughts and I take a minute to contemplate them, I become aware of them, I can gain power over them.  For me, understanding that these feelings are 1) going to come and its normal and not some sort of failing on my part and 2) that they are just that, feelings, and not an indicator of reality.  Then I can acknowledge them and wait for them to pass without acting on them.  To be honest, I have not perfected the letting them pass without acting part, but my percentages of success are going up.  However, the first step above, for me, was key in starting to have some success though. 

"I had to be aware that they were in fact, just feelings."  

And that acknowledging them and being aware of them is so much more powerful than just trying to ignore them which often lead to unconscious acts like “wow I just ate that whole thing” or “why is my car in the drive thru at XYZ restaurant”. 

Instead, I can own the feelings and try and take constructive action like reaching out to someone I trust and creating accountability to stay on track, getting up from my desk and walking around, going to the gym to even walk on the treadmill, whatever changes my landscape and quiets those thoughts.  And then I can say, “F*#K it” to the “F*#K its!”

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  • My sentiments exactly Janelle!

    Still in it,

    P Barnes on
  • Great post. I’m starting my own wellness journey, and when cravings come, it’s hard to resist them — but telling myself that cravings are just feelings, not an indication of reality, is going to help me.

    Love your site — just found it, and am going to keep reading!!

    Karen C Nolan on
  • Thank you for sharing your post. I struggle with emotional eating even after losing 145 pounds and, having had weight loss surgery. I look great, and I feel better than I did. But, it definitely was bot a fix all. I still face not dealing with my stress and, eating crap. It’s hard and, I still have so far to go. I have always been at least 10 pounds from goal and, I sometimes am very hard on myself for stalling for the last 8 months with the scale not moving. I struggle with other health issues and, a husband with his own health and, much stress. I get the F**** it’s alot. For me it’s the chocolate, and the chips and salsa. Your blog has been such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    April baker on
  • Hahaha! I have a bad case of the F*#k its today, thank you for putting a name to it and for the encouragement. You’re fantastic, Janelle!

    Haven on
  • I used to have this negative self-talk all the time when I would be the one dieting and my husband was not on board with it at the time… I thought, really, what’s the point? I thought – f*** it, let’s just go out to eat!…

    He and I finally decided to lose weight together as a 2018 resolution and seriously, to all of you spouses out there, if you’re like me then you really need your spouse to be on board all the time, with a diet and exercise plan, in order for you to be successful… At least, I feel this to be true for me… Too often he is dieting and I am not, or vice versa, and it’s so impossible to see him eat a burger when “he’s taking a break from dieting” while I am trying to “be good”…GAH!

    So far we have both lost about 15 pounds since 1/1/8 due to walking and watching carbs. :) And we’re doing it TOGETHER and going strong still!…

    Good luck everyone!

    KKL on

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