Tenacity Is Where Its At

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T is for TENACITY. My life has always been about stop and start. Any of you out there with families know what I’m talking about. You are pulled in so many directions, it’s nearly impossible to keep your focus long enough to get something done—and I mean done the way you would like. A busy life makes you feel like a one-armed juggler, fighting to keep all the balls in the air at the same time, but never really having complete control. It can be a losing proposition, especially if you don’t take time out for yourself.

When I made up my mind to start this project, I knew it would be my tenacity that would get me through. How could I inspire others if I couldn’t inspire myself? If I wasn’t at my best it would be nearly impossible to be there for others the way I really wanted to be. I knew that if I was going to start STRIVE with Janelle, I had to be all in. I needed to be strong, focused and ready to meet this challenge.

So guess what I did? I admitted to myself that I needed someone to help me be accountable. An accountability buddy if you will. For me it meant committing to a personal trainer again.

I’m sure your life is as crazy as mine so find someone — be it a trainer, friend or family member — you can trust to be kind but tough. Believe it or not, it takes some of the stress and effort of “remembering” to work out off your shoulders.

For me a personal trainer was a good choice for two reasons: I work out harder and more consistently than I ever do on my own and I don’t have to think about it. I just show up and my workout is pre-planned and guided. Investing in a personal trainer is an investment in my future health and well-being. My hope is that by hiring a trainer now, I may, heaven-willing; avoid more costly and debilitating circumstances in the future.

As I work toward my own personal goal, I ask you to do the same. Create a goal for yourself and let us help keep you accountable to that goal. Results may not happen in a day, a week, maybe not even a month. But you have to dig down and find that tenacity I know is inside you. The STRIVE community is here for you!

How can we help keep you moving toward your goals?

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