Put the R in Resilience

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If you ever want to truly find out just how resilient you can be, try putting it all out there for the world to see. With the Internet, social media and reality television fueling a constant need for entertainment, it seems like we’ve created an entire world of judges just waiting for us to fail. I think the current term is ‘haters’. And you don’t have to be on a reality TV show to know what I’m talking about.

Try something new, something different or something that is out of your ‘norm’ and it feels like people innately want you to fail. I really do think it’s human nature. If it feels like you are moving in a different direction than your friends and family, I suspect they experience some sense of abandonment. It’s not that they wish bad for you, they just don’t want you to change. I may need to consult a psychiatrist on this, but I have seen it before. People like the status quo. We are inherently not creatures of change. This can be a real problem when you are trying to set new goals for yourself.

I have always thought of resilience as one of the most elegant qualities a person can have.

It’s that quiet fortitude to keep reaching for your goals in the face of adversity.

The most accomplished people in the world are certainly the most resilient.

STRIVE with Janelle is all about resilience. Life is going to throw us curve balls. Work may get crazy. The kids may get sick. Your schedule may change. But we’re not going to let that stop us! We are not going to beat ourselves up if we miss a training appointment, have an extra dessert or make a wrong decision. We are going to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep fighting toward our goals.

Do you remember starting something that people thought you would never accomplish? Share it with us here to inspire others to become more resilient.

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