Going To The Limit And Beyond!

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Lately, I’ve been in a rut. A few months ago, I diagnosed myself with spring fever. You know, things get busy and the routine is comfortable and things are working. For heaven sake, don’t disturb the flow! Unfortunately, the spring fever would not be denied. I was restless. One place this especially manifested was dissatisfaction with my workouts. 

I was feeling bore, having a hard time being excited to show up each day and work hard.

After some pretty significant convincing, a self-appointed accountability mentor got me to show up to a local gym that caters to people of all physical abilities. Well, actually I drove myself to the gym the first day and sat in my car. I waited until it was too late to join the class I had scheduled to attend. Yep, I chickened out. I purposely texted my friend and said that I was late and didn’t make it in time. I did this as I watched each and every single person go in to the class.  I thought to myself as I watched, “They were all in better shape than me and I don’t belong here.” I was convinced that I should just go back to my familiar, predictable and not so scary workouts. Instead, I did something radical.  I walked myself into the gym and signed myself up for a few classes. I did not work out, but I removed the barriers so I could just walk in the next time. Everyone was nice; they showed me how it all worked.

 Ok, one more step closer I thought.

Long story short, I did make it to the next class. Yes, it was hard to walk in, but when I got in I found it wasn’t all that scary. I met people like me, of all varying fitness levels, trying to be better and stronger. Finally, after a couple of weeks I have found something else; a new found passion for my workouts! I am working harder, looking forward to my workout time again and my body is responding with changes that are making me happy.

 Whatever changes you need to make to improve, I challenge you to change it up.  It has been a marvelous thing for me.

Have you experienced something similar to my story? Please share in the comments below!

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