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Welcome to a new series of ‘In Our Community’ blogs!

Consistent with the other STRIVE blogs, I believe that to be on a journey to find the best quality of life, you need to become involved in making a difference. This new series will introduce you to these very worthy causes and inform you how the STRIVE team and I will be making a difference!

Our first STRIVE community event will be soon – June 25th with Pawtastic Friends who are making a difference in our community by providing enrichment training to shelter and rescue dogs.

Through enrichment training, each dog has an opportunity to improve in agility, manners, socialization and improves their chance of finding their forever home!

We will be at the Pawtastic Friends fundraiser event providing our Las Vegas based STRIVE audience the chance to hear about this non-profit organization’s very important message. Plus, we get to see each other and I look forward to hearing about your journey to finding the best quality of life.

You might be asking “What’s this got to do with the STRIVE message?” STRIVE is in place to provide a community for you to find the best quality of life – shouldn’t that include helping in our community?

I challenge you to discover your passion in volunteering or giving back to organizations in your community and Make the Most of You!

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