Someone recently asked me what I was aiming for when I started STRIVE with Janelle. Then they asked me that if I could foresee what changes, if any, would there be in the future based on these efforts. I’ve been thinking about this question for several days and I realized the answer in both cases boils down to the same thing.


If you take a minute and look up the definition of hope it is both a verb and a noun. It is an action and a thing. It can be created and it can be exercised.

In my Why Me? Why Now? post I shared something very personal to me. My wish is that by sharing my experiences I can give hope to the person, who like me not too long ago, was completely overwhelmed at the idea of becoming active. The person who thinks it might be too late for them. The person who is battling against circumstances in their life that creates barriers seemingly too hard to overcome.

The mainstream fitness industry does not seem geared toward people who can’t just jump into a class at a gym and get in shape. In the beginning, I was very hesitant to even walk into a gym. It was too intimidating. And if I did brave a “beginners” class, I hurt myself and stopped going after just a couple times.

There aren’t a lot of resources for those of us who lack even the basic fitness level and need to get in shape to get in shape. This is who STRIVE with Janelle was created for. Whether you haven’t been active in a long time, have never been active, are too self-conscious to be active, or are too overwhelmed as to where to start, we want to give you hope.

We are going to de-mystify the process.

As we work to take the first step, I want to inspire you to hope. Together, we can become the hope that encourages those around us.

What do you hope for? Share in the comments!

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