How To Find What Makes You Whole

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Have you ever heard the expression WORKOUT = SANITY?

Well, it’s true.

There are days I feel like my head isn’t quite attached to my body and I can’t figure out why. Desperate to find my equilibrium, I go through a mental checklist of possibilities: Caffeine? Check. Good breakfast? Check. Workout?

There it is.

Every time I miss my morning gym session and jump right into work while still rocking my PJs, this is the state I find myself in by 10am.

There just isn’t enough java in the world to replace the balance that comes from a good workout.

I recently heard this feeling coined as getting grounded.

Being “grounded” is something I used to think only happened to enlightened yogis high on a mountain top, but now I know it applies to anyone. Exercise is my mountain respite. When I stop to get a workout in, I feel restored, productive and whole.

Maybe it’s the endorphins, or whatever other chemicals get released after a good calorie burn, that help make me grounded. Or the overall way it makes me feel; my ability to move and overall quality of life.  Maybe it’s the fact that I know with every step, squat, lunge and ounce of sweat, I am helping to improve the longevity of my life. It could be everything I just mentioned. All I know is that when I fail to exercise, I not only tempt that slippery slope that is my self-confidence (as I talk about in this blog post link to self-esteem blog), I just plain don’t feel right.

While exercise is my answer to getting grounded, it may not be yours. But whether it’s making sure to curl up with a good book every day, a hot bath, or walk in the sunshine, I challenge you to stop and think what it is that keeps you grounded. Like exercise and good nutrition, I truly believe this is a key factor in the quest for a healthy lifestyle.

So think about it, and please share your “mountain” with us!

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