How To Detox In The New Year

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Fresh starts are the best aren’t they? Just like every Monday summons a new week, the beginning of a new year is the ultimate do-over. Everyone at STRIVE with Janelle is excited to have this chance to become the best version of ourselves, starting with our health!

And we’re not the only ones. According to top searches for self-improvement on Google (link to, getting healthy still reigns as the most popular resolution. No surprise there, but as we all know “healthy” means different things to different people. Whether you want to lose the holiday weight, increase muscle tone or gain more flexibility, we feel it’s important to start with a clean slate not only on the calendar, but internally as well.

We’ll admit, we indulged a bit over the celebration season, but luckily there are steps we can take to help make up for that and prepare us!  We’re talking about detoxing.

What does detoxing really mean?

Detoxing is basically cleansing your blood to remove impurities from your blood and liver.  You may think of detoxing as fasting or drinking only juice for a week, but did you know there are certain foods that do the job as well?  Yep, by simply incorporating a few staples into our diet we can easily (and deliciously) help our bodies be at our best. We’ve compiled a list of the foods that get the job done, and we bet a few of these are in your pantry and fridge already!


From broccoli and kale to avocados and artichokes, green foods are a super power! The chlorophyll in leafy greens helps our digestive tract while other green treats contain things like fiber and antioxidants.



Not just great on bread, garlic has been shown to top the list of detoxing foods. Adding cooked garlic to your next meal may help stimulate your liver into producing enzymes that filter toxins from your digestive system.



Squeezing a bit of lemon juice in your water does more than make it a tasty way to stay hydrated. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges help rid our body of icky toxins while boosting our digestive tract like the aforementioned leafy greens.


High in antioxidants, this tasty drink tackles free radicals lurking in our body while also helping to increase our liver function. Try swapping out a daily soda with a cup of this stuff instead!



Dousing your salad in olive oil instead of Ranch not only makes for an excellent tasting dish, but the omega-3s in olive oil (and others like flax seed, hemp and avocado oil), coat your intestinal walls which absorb the toxins and allow them to be removed by your body.

There are plenty of other foods that may help in our quest to cleanse our insides, but these are just a few of our favorites. Like we said, we bet some are part of your recipe repertoire. See? You’re already on your way to a new you in the New Year!

What ways do you think you could add these detoxing foods into your diet? Share in the comments!

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