How To Get Motivated - Tips Shared By You!

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Hey guys! Last Monday, my alarm went off to wake me up in time to attend my gym appointment. Unfortunately, I had a night with little to no sleep and it was torture to get myself out of bed. I took to my social media to find encouragement and maybe validation! I was in shock and awe to see how many good responses I received.

The best plan of action was to spread the love, so at the encouragement of a friend I am sharing a list of the first few comments I received. 


“I give myself 1 day off a month.  My motivation:  Is today really bad enough to burn that day off? No…then press on!”  Meg Dean

“My husband and I go to the gym together to work out. So if one isn’t motivated, the other pushes. It definitely helps to have a buddy!” Linda

“I remind myself that I have only one person to hold accountable, just one. Today’s choices are next month's health.” Slay Jude

“I always keep an old picture of me or an old pair of pants or shirts that don’t fit me anymore, because I’ve lost weight and it reminds me.” Sarah Marmon

“By telling myself I will feel so much better afterwards!” Melissa McRae

“I look at old pictures of myself.  I find that it motivates me rather than comparing myself to others. I want to kick my 22 year old self in the butt!” Candace Beam

“Remember the end goal and enjoy the reward of pushing forward when you don’t feel like it!” Denise Salt

“Do it for that precious new grandson so you can dance at his wedding. “Kimberlee May

“I think about how terrible I feel about myself if I skip.  That’s motivation enough.” Stephanie Raines

“You just have to pump yourself up get yourself excited.” Mariah Sterling

“I have to do it (work out) right away in the mornings so there is NO excuses also I know I feel SO much better afterwards.” Danielle Vadala

“I have a dog so she makes me walk, a little Yorkie so she jumps at me until I say OK we go for a walk LOL!” Gail

“Schedule workouts same time every day, mix up routines, include the family dog(s), find an exercise partner, hang with others with the same goals.” Coastal Critter

“Have a go-to friend to lend motivation or who will actually workout with you.” Shirley Hale

Again, these are just the first few that were shared with me and all of the ideas were awesome! Check out my to read the rest!

What are a few motivational quotes that help you get up and work towards your goals? Share in the comments below!

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